Influencer Veronique Sophie collaborates with the new international fashion brand, JJXX

The German model and influencer, Veronique Sophie, is working on a campaign for the new fashion brand for girls, JJXX. Veronique Sophie (@veroniquesophie) is one of the most popular influencers in Germany. Having over 100.000 followers on Instagram, she has created her own universe where she inspires people all over the world by posting about fashion, traveling and her everyday life. “I think it’s really exciting working together with a new denim brand. JJXX has a cool vibe and I like the diversity in the styles,” says Veronique Sophie.

Natural looks and personal style

Veronique Sophie has been working as an influencer and content creator for many years, and she has her own blog where she writes about fashion and beauty. “I love natural looks. Looks where you feel comfortable in your clothes, and where the clothes make you happy. I think JJXX creates amazing jeans and clothes that make you smile, and they combine colours in a cool way that isn’t too much,” says Veronique Sophie.

Timeless fashion

JJXX is the newest member of the JACK & JONES family. For over 30 years JACK & JONES has been all about the guys and the brotherhood, they have created. But now it’s time for more, it’s time for the girls. That’s why they have created JJXX – a denim brand for young women that celebrates life, good vibes, confidence and friendships. JJXX is a part of the well-known BESTSELLER concern and is launching its first collections in September 2021.