JACK & JONES Girls - Not your average fashion brand

JJXX is not your average girl clothing brand. We’re here to redefine what a girl brand can be like, and by focusing on denim craftsmanship, essentials, and high fashion we aim to inspire girls all over the world. We want to encourage young women to be exactly what they want to be and to empower them to feel free, independent, confident, and cool in their everyday lives – always presenting our core values: social, strong, energetic, and dedicated. JJXX is celebrating all the denim lovers out there that simply appreciate quality essentials that always fit. We’re all about the categories: jeans, pants, sweats, knits, and jackets, and we’re proud to say that we from day one offer the widest range of styles in more colours than you can imagine.

Extensive denim universe

Being a denim brand allows us to play with all kinds of colours and styles when designing our denim pieces. Our experience has taught us that one pair of jeans doesn’t fit all girls. That’s why we’re creating jeans for all the girls out there – the tall girl, the short girl, the slender girl, and the girl with curves. Because being a JJXX Girl isn’t about your body, it’s about who you are. We’ve designed a fit for every mood or every situation, and that’s why you’ll find jeans fittings like: skinny, slim, straight, mom, loose, wide, and bootcut.

The JACK & JONES family

Being a part of the JACK & JONES family provides us with a lot of knowledge. We are built on over 30 years of experience working with craftsmanship, high standards, and essential fabrics. Shaping and perfecting all our styles – one piece at a time. Bringing our experience from the past into JJXX gives us endless opportunities for creating those one-of-a-kind styles that all girls need. We’re all about looking at the ordinary and seeing the extraordinary, and it’s our ambition to bring our passion, ideas, and many years of knowledge into great styles and great collections.